Ryan Gonzales sings "Untamed Cherokee"
Lyrics by Janis Contway

This heathen man is not good enough for her
Her waist so small
Her skin so fine
I’ll hold her next to me
She will be mine

Her wedding is nothing but a heathen rite
Unblessed by god it it will not stand
And I am a stronger than some unlearned man
She will respond to me

She will answer my command
This wedding unblessed by the only god
is nothing but a trick and a hoax and a fraud
This wedding unblessed by the only god
is nothing but a trick and a hoax and a fraud

She will never be defiled by some untamed Cherokee

A wedding leads to Jealousy

When the Cherokee case reaches the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice John Marshall rules in their favor and the Cherokees are elated.  They write letters and celebrate at festivals with dancing, music, and food believing they will be allowed to remain in the mountains they love.

Believing they at last have a permanent homeland, Deerkiller proposes to Aniwake, but her mother who, in the Cherokee tradition must give her consent, disapproves of Aniwake's affection for the poor hunter and insists Aniwake marry a farmer or a plantation owner.  She encourages her to consider Armstrong's proposal instead. 

When Deerkiller learns Aniwake's mother will not approve her marriage to a hunter, he proves his love by planting cotton.  When the crop thrives, he presents it to Aniwake's mother at tribal council and she consents to the marriage.  In a beautiful Cherokee ceremony Aniwake and Deerkiller are married by the elderly chief, Whitepath. 

The marriage turns Armstrong's jealousy to hatred and with a stronger determination to claim Aniwake as his own, he conspires to force the Cherokees from their land and put Deerkiller to death. 

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