Ryan Gonzales sings a favorite Cherokee Hymn "Amazing Grace"

Hope for the future

Near the end of the trail at Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, Armstrong dons a full dress uniform with a long sword. He attempts to force Aniwake to ride beside him in his elegant carriage to impress the Colonel at the fort.  No longer able to contain her anger, Aniwake, reveals her pregnancy and Armstrong is furious. He shoves her to the ground and is punished for his cruelty through an ironic twist of fate.

Bleeding and in pain, Aniwake arrives at the fort's infirmary where with Priscilla at her side, she gives birth to a daughter who will pass along her mother's clan, her Cherokee strength, and the spirit of hope to future generations.

Aniwake's love for Deerkiller and her courage is renewed in their newborn child.  She finds peace knowing the eternal strength of the Cherokee spirit and knowing her people will prosper in their new homeland.

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