At fall council Armstrong triumphantly quotes President Andrew Jackson who has rejected John Marshall's Supreme Court decision with the pronouncement, "Justice Marshall has made his law, but I will not enforce it."  The Cherokees are heartbroken again and dread invades their spirit. 

When stockades are constructed throughout Georgia, Deerkiller, concerned that his crop will be stolen or confiscated by the Militia leaves Benjamin to guard Aniwake, and Pricilla while he takes the cotton to market. 

While Deerkiller is away, Armstrong and his troops invade the cabin.  They take Aniwake and Priscilla hostage, and when Benjamin tries to resist, they beat him into submission. 

Aniwake, Priscilla and Benjamin are forced from the cabin and as they are herded toward the Buffington stockade they watch as militia members carry their household goods from their home then burn the cabin to the ground. 

When they reach the stockade, they and other Cherokees are crowded into a small damp disease invested space to await removal.  In the poor conditions of the stockade, surrounded by illness, their spirits are broken and many die.  But Aniwake comforts herself with her dreams of her husband and refuses to believe Armstrong when he insists that Deerkiller has abandoned her or is dead

At last Deerkiller, who has been held by force in the distant Sixes Stockade, arrives to free Aniwake.  In the darkness, they escape into the forest, but when they return to free Priscilla and Benjamin, they are discovered.  Armstrong orders the officer from the Sixes Stockade who has arrived to recapture his prisoner to shackle Deerkiller to the wheel of his wagon and spook the horses to carry Aniwake's husband to his death.  When the office refuses, Armstrong orders him to "shoot to kill" if Deerkiller attempts to escape.  As the officer and Deerkiller exit into the darkness, a shot is heard and Aniwake is heartbroken at the possibility of Deerkiller's death.  But thereafter, every night at twilight, she comforts herself with dreams of dancing with the man she loves. 

Rytan Gonzales sings "Twilight."
Lyrics and Melody by Janis Contway

Between sunset and moonrise
at the first star
I wish for you to come to me
wherever you are

And then you come to me in dreams
Where we're never apart
Under darkened stars til the sunrise
we dance to songs in my heart

Always the sunrise awakens the truth
You’re not there beside me
You’re lost in my youth

But each night at twilight
you take me to streams
of moonlight and starlight
where we dance there in my dreams

Twilight not yet night
that is our time
the soft light
of twilight
It’s yours and it’s mine

e’ll claim it together
forever its true
And each night at twilight
I'll be dreaming of you

Each night at twilight I dream of you
from the sunset to the moon rise
I hope you dream of me too

and every morn at the first star
I wish for you

Stockades are constructed for Cherokee internment

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