Ryan Gonzales sings all parts of "Nothing Stops the Rain"
Lyrics by Janis Contway


(Spoken by PRISCILLA)
Oh missus we walk so many days
Death and sickness they walk around with us from sun up to sun down
We be walking through mountains and rivers
And outside the towns
The towns they refuse us
Some folk kind
But they fearful of others whose mind turns against the brave
Many old and babies they fall
Every day we cry as they bodies lowered down into graves
Our spirit it hide and it frail
But still it still shine and it never will fail
You still carry the rose miss Aniwake

The rose still grows
Like the spirit
The rose grows stronger from the pain
Inside the heart of all who would be free
There’s a spirit as strong as the great Cherokee

(Spoken by PRISCILLA)
Oh no the rain it come again
Cold freezes the rain to ice on our skin
It dark like night

(Spoken by ANIWAKE)
Maybe we stop soon

(Spoken by PRISCILLA)
The lieutenant he gots cover for his head
He not let us stop

(Spoken by ANIWAKE)
Elders say cold and rain come for a purpose
What can be the purpose of so much, so much loss
And the sky we must be standing

(Spoken by PRISCILLA)
Missus maybe the rain stop

This unforgiving night and unrelenting rain
No roof for our heads
No blankets for our beds
Caught beneath the sky
A cloud that cries
Rain like tears from mothers eyes
And nothing stops the rain
Nothing stops the rain

(Spoken by ANIWAKE)
The tears like rain wash our memories

Memories of that cruel attack
Howl like the wind at our back
Marching toward through the storm

Toward tomorrow yet unborn
And nothing stops the rain
(Chorus sings) Forever we’ve been walking
Nothing stops the rain
(Chorus sings) Into the sunset we’ve been walking
The sun is shining somewhere
but the rain has made it freeze
Will the sun ever shine
To warm the dying Cherokee

(Spoken by ANIWAKE)
We leave so much behind
Our crops and our homes
The graves, our grandfather’s spirit lies there with their bones
And Ga du na father
guug da si, mama
Somewhere behind
Deerkiller….Deerkiller, is… He’s gone
(Chorus sings) March you Cherokee, march, march

(Spoken by PRISCILLA)
Come miss Aniwake, the boss say we go
Come see, we find a better place
A place where no one come to take our freedom

Nothing. nothing stops the rain
Nothing can ease the pain
Nothing takes the stain of blood that still remains
Cause nothing, nothing stops the rain

(Spoken by ANIWAKE)
The rain falls cold Priscilla and the elders die
How can we fight the cold and the rain

(Spoken by PRISCILLA)
The rain be cold Missus, but… but you be stronger than rain

(Spoken by ANIWAKE) But my baby

(Spoken by PRISCILLA)
Missus you can’t give up
you baby..

(Spoken by ANIWAKE)
But should a baby come for such pain
Always walking, always in the rain
When the walking come but all deserve to try

Still I must be strong
I must recover and go on
Somehow I must survive
Somehow I must keep my spirit alive




Freezing rains fall and a chief dies as the Cherokees reach the Mississippi River . 

In poor health and with bleeding feet from the long journey, the Cherokees reach the Mississippi River in the freezing rain of winter.  Armstrong again invites Aniwake to join him in the comfort of his carriage, but she refuses.  Instead she insists the ill and elderly Chief, Whitepath, be allowed to ride.  But Whitepath dies before he can be assisted into the carriage and Aniwake demands the Cherokees be allowed to honor him in a traditional Cherokee funeral. 

After the funeral, Priscilla reflects on the journey as the Cherokees wait for the river to thaw and more die of exposure in the incessant rains.  At last they are herded onto over-crowded ferries and in a flurry of light, sound, and music, they cross the still half frozen river.

Crawling wet and shivering onto the banks of the river, Aniwake and Priscilla realize many of the tribe has drowned in the icy waters and they search for Benjamin.  At last they discover Benjamin also has drowned.  Stooped by sorrow and near giving up, Priscilla turns to Aniwake for comfort and their friendship deepens. 

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